The Universal Comedy Awards!

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Universal Comedy Awards Winners!

Best Stand Up Male Comedian: Louis CK


Best Stand UP Female Comedian: Sarah Silverman



Best Feature Film Comedy:  DEADPOOL


Best Actor In A Comedy Feature Film: Ryan Reynolds in DEADPOOL

Best Actress In A Comedy Feature Film:  

Annette Benning In 20th Century Women




Best Comedy Series:  Transparent

Lead Actor In A Comedy Series:  Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent

Lead  Actress In A Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus  in VEEP

Best  TV Writer In A Comedy Series:  Matt Walsh For Veep

Best Comedic Talk, Variety, or/and Sketch Show:

Jimmy Kimmel Live!  




Best Comedic Radio Show:  The Morning Zoo WITH

Jordan Zeh & Melissa Miller on WPFM Hot 1079 in Panama City Beach, Fl

Best Comedic  Male Personality On A Radio Show: Jordan Zeh

WPFM Hot 1079 in Panama City Beach, Fl

Best Comedic Female Personality On A Radio Show: Melissa Miller

WPFM Hot 1079 In Panama City Beach, Fl

Best Comedic Writer For A Radio Show: Jordan Zeh 

The Morning Zoo with Jordan Zeh and Melissa Miller

WPFM Hot 1079 in Panama City Beach, Fl





Best Comedic Website: Funny Or Die

Best Humor Blog:





Best Comedic Podast: WTF with Marc Maron

That’s the 2016-2017 Universal Comedy Awards Winners!

Thanks to YOU ALL for Making The World Funnier!  

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About The Universal Comedy Awards

The Universal Comedy Awards entry time is each year from September 1st to November 1st and are given for combined years making the current  2016-2017 winners.   The Universal Comedy Awards recognize all fields of Comedy including Stand UP, Film, TV, Radio, Podcasts, and Blogs.  The 2017-2018 CONTEST will expand categories SO WATCH THE NEWS SECTION FOR MORE ON THAT!

The winners are judged by a group of entertainment professionals in all fields.   This site and contest is non profit so please do not send inquires on advertising.  We do not offer any sponsorship or banner ads on this site.  All categories also consider people that do not enter the contest based on talent.  The entry time is ONLY SEPTEMBER 1ST -NOVEMBER 1ST.  The entire rules are available online during that time or you can obtain a copy at anytime but contacting The Universal Comedy Awards  by email  or mailing a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Universal Comedy Awards

118 Avenue of Americas

New York City NY 10013

UCA News

Universal Comedy Awards Winner Louis C.K. Does It All On His Website!

Universal Comedy Awards Winner for Best Stand Up Louis C.K. does it all through his website! was taken but that didn’t stop the stand up comedian and TV star.  He simply purchased and does all of his stand up sales through the website.  Why pay a percentage when you have the power to …

Featured UCA Winners

Marc Maron and his WTF Podcast made it big when he got an interview with Robin Williams.  It was the first interview Robin opened up about his struggle with depression and after Robin’s death, people found out that Marc Maron is an extremely great interviewer and very funny man.  He is the 2017 Universal Comedy Awards Winner For Best Podcast!