Universal Comedy Awards Winner Louis C.K. Does It All On His Website!

Universal Comedy Awards Winner for Best Stand Up Louis C.K. does it all through his website!  LouisCK.com was taken but that didn’t stop the stand up comedian and TV star.  He simply purchased LouisCK.net and does all of his stand up sales through the website.  Why pay a percentage when you have the power to do it on your own?  LouisCK.net has it all as far as his material.  You can check out his latest release “Hilarious” or anything previous.  The comedian continues to use the George Carlin philosophy that you “start all over” each year with material.  The comedian has discussed how the legend’s philosophy to never use his old material used to blow his mind and seem something that was impossible to do for himself.  

However, the Best Stand Up Comedian in the country year after year has been doing it now for many years and shows that his talent to write new material maybe is just as great as the legend that inspired it.  We definitely THANK George Carlin for inspiring the new material year after year!